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Dr. AJ Livecchi, Principal

Technology Help: 936-709-7288

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Conroe ISD Virtual School Information

With the passage of SB 15, Conroe ISD has elected to create the Conroe ISD Virtual School for the 2022-2023 school year. This virtual campus will be open to CISD students in grades five through eight that meet the enrollment guidelines of SB 15 and Conroe ISD.

The virtual school will have a limited number of students during its inaugural year, with full-time virtual teachers. These teachers will focus solely on our virtual students. Students will receive high-quality instruction that aligns with Conroe ISD best-practices.

This program is by application only and will only be offered to students who reside within Conroe ISD.

Apply to the Conroe ISD Virtual School

Participation Agreement

Parents applying for their child to enroll in the Conroe Virtual School must agree to the following statements in order to submit an application.

I understand/assure that:

  • my child’s acceptance into this program is subject to the availability of space and instructional staff at each grade level requested.
  • my child may not be able to participate in the virtual program if he/she had excessive absences, course failures, or limited academic progress last year.
  • my child must maintain a minimum of 90% attendance.
  • my child will actively participate in daily online learning by logging into the appropriate platform, participating in live lessons, and completing independent assignments.
  • my child may be required to report to a District facility for assessments.
  • my child will comply with the Acceptable Use Guidelines related to the use of technology.
  • my child will adhere to the virtual school student handbook
  • not all Section 504 or Special Education services can be made available virtually and that some services may still be made available in person.
  • the appropriate Section 504 or Special Education services will be determined by the student’s Section 504 or Admission, Review, or Dismissal (ARD) committee at my child’s home campus
  • bilingual education will not be offered virtually, however and ESL program will be available
  • any devices or equipment checked out to my child must be returned upon his/her completion of the virtual program.