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Instructional Expectations

Instructional Expectations

Profile of a Successful Online Learner

Virtual learning is not appropriate for all students. The following characteristics of a successful online learner should be used by parents and students to determine if the student should choose the Conroe Virtual School.

Successful online learners are:
Good readers and writers. 
In online courses, reading may be the main source of information. Additionally, nearly all communication is written, so it is critical to feel comfortable in expressing ideas in writing.

Have parents who are committed to supporting the student every day. 
At all grade levels, students need active involvement from a parent/guardian every day. The younger the student, the more time that a parent must devote each day to active support.

Proficient in use of computers and Internet navigation.
Because all interaction happens via computer, computer skills are necessary to participate.
Self-motivated and learn well independently.
With the freedom and flexibility of the online learning environment comes responsibility. The online process takes commitment, discipline, and an ability to work independently.
Careful to allow ample time for the course.
Online learning is not easier than the traditional educational process. In fact, many students will say it requires more time and commitment.

Effective time-managers.
Structuring time to effectively participate is up to the learner. Manage time well enough to complete assignments, study and communicate with your teacher while juggling any additional activities, work, or social obligations.